Monday, August 10, 2009

Pre-blog Archive: Suggested Album Titles

Cleaning out my closet, I found a bunch of junk. Among the junk, was this list of album titles David suggested Sorry About Dresden use for our second album.
  • Women, wine + regret
  • The three amigoes
  • Fancy rich people music
  • Plethora of pinatas
  • Swab me, i'm pink
  • Argyle socks alone in the wind
  • Trees full of felt shade my way
  • Ugly People Makin' dollas (UPMD)
  • hungry nights in the hungover months
  • Horny!
  • Beef, Beef, the dog named Beef!
  • My Calves are Bare (The James Story) Lifetime Exclusive
  • The parade of jerks through my bed.
  • Unpronouncable last Names
  • A woman named blister
  • Hold Me, I'm Avante-garde
  • Chide me!

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