Wednesday, March 11, 2009

You know Finn's in Russia when...

We don't give him any grief about missing this can't-miss show! Stay warm, buddy, but not "on fire" warm.

For the rest of youse, do not miss...

The Improbable and Triumphant (Improbably Triumphant?) Return of Le Weekend!

Thursday March 12 - 10pm - I assume c.$5 but quote me not
@ The Nightlight

Borrowing liberally from the impeccable prose some heroic type who I can only assume is quite handsome wrote on my Facebook page:

Once upon a the-end-of-last-year, Le Weekend released a self-proclaimed "pretty decent" EP called Suite. Remember? We then had a release show also serving as two incredible members' last show, namely Erin and Ben, on keyboards and better-guitar-than-Matt respectively.

Thanks to a combination of 'encouragement' from friends, and our inability to apprehend the significance of the quotes around 'encouragement', RB, Bob Wall, and I (Matt Kalb) decided we can call it a number of things, but quits isn't one of them. Le Weekend is just that important to a couple people out there.

So this will be our debut as a trio, featuring app. 4 (update: 6) new songs and a re-imagining of some older material. And hopefully this somewhat excuses how much I wrote about my own band in this description.

We share the bill with:
-Durham's own Actual Persons (Living or Dead). Joyce and the Cantwells keep it gazy, or gauzy. They ushered away the quintet version of LW and they will usher in the trio version, like a midwife who also does funerals.

-The Antlers from Brooklyn (NY, not WI or one of those other Brooklyns). They've got an album coming out they hand-assemble when you pre-order, which is cool. Their mailing list lets you indicate if you live in "NY" or "Everywhere."

Conclusion: come on out and good luck not getting pregnant!

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