Thursday, June 28, 2007

Le Weekend - Sat June 30 ; Missy Thangs - Mon July 2

Someone from the above photo is scheduled to attend one of the titular shows.

Audubon Park Affiliated Entertainments (APAE) PRESENTS!

Le Weekend + Mahasamatman + Minchia
@Bull City HQ
Saturday June 30 9:00pm

If someone has forgotten and wants to step, Le Weekend is allowed to post on this blog due to membership by RPBJr. and MK!, along with (the) Bob Wall, Ben Ridings, Erin Ridings. Also we are a local treasure, and are prepared not only to make audacious claims (e.g. we are doing things to music that it has always wanted done), but to claim to be able to back them up (e.g. look, an amp!).

Chuck Johnson leaves for Oakland, CA this summer so don't be a damn fool and miss your rapidly closing window to see him play. Implication: Chuck is in one of these bands.

The Auspicious Debut of Missy Thangs!

The above flyer says it mostly all. Add only:
-Missy Thangs the person, who knows who that is?? But MT the BAND?
= Katherine Carpenter, Matt Kalb, Ben Ridings, Erin Ridings, Eric Roehrig, Bob Wall, Jack Watson; = layers of pop-crafted goodness, surface rewards leading to deeper ones; = Eric playing a lap steel
-The show starts at 8:30, and we are second, at 9:00.
-And oh crap, what if the image doesn't load? If so let me tell you...
Monday July 2 Local 506 8:30pm $6
Palomar . Americans in France . Missy Thangs . Milo Jones

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