Thursday, April 19, 2007

Le Weekend presents: Music not to pay for

(above = "day")

This Saturday there is an excellent and free show at the Local 506. Free means you don't have to pay a cent to get all the goodness about which I'm about to tell you...about!
Saturday April 21 - Local 506 - in reverse order of appearance*:

*Means we (Le Weekend) will play last, and we will play backwards.
**Many bands will promise you a new song, but I bet we are the only ones who will promise you a new keyboard intro.

Per super-secret emails we have heard that Josh Nowlen should kick things off around 9:30, so be prompt or be have missed something that be happened earlier.

(below = "night")

P.S. If you received Robert Bigger's announcement for this show and you were able to read it, I'm afraid there's bad news: you are colorblind. Vive le hype unreadable!


Damn, good timing on my part it seems. Anyway, thanks for responding. Even if we can bounce ideas off each other once or twice before the summer I think it will be interesting and fun. When are your finals (and Erin's*, if she is also interested) and when you are supposed to head out to Asheville? Are there any dates/times that are particularly good? I'll try to coordinate what you've got with Robert's schedule. Mine is fairly flexible at the moment, unusually so.

I'll give you a buzz if something comes up in the interim.



*I'm terrible with names. Erin is right, right??

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