Monday, November 27, 2006

Blog My Ride

Damn you, log, you’re always in my way.
Apparently Rossi’s hit that thing twice, and he lives here.
The blog has been pretty active this week.
That contest was pretty ridiculous.
Matt won a CD.
I’m surprised he got it—I never would have gotten it.
The place is on Swift and Markham, you know around there?
I need some MF coughdrops.
Apparently this road is going to close tomorrow. Construction. I don’t know what portion. It seems the justifiable portion is this part. They need lights.
They should just close it forever and make it like a pedestrian mall.
That’s not a bad idea at all.
Did Finn’s e-mail say to your recollection that the djembe thing is playing first?
That’s why Jennifer wants to go.
Well, we’ll have to get there at 8 then.
Well, since it’s 7:42.

It’s hot.


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