Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Katrina Post

AP spent last week worried and upset. Our friend John Norris just moved to New Orleans a few weeks ago. I grew up with John and he is like a little brother to me. When the Nein played Baton Rouge, John let them stay with him. The first time John ever played a song live, Matt played guitar with him. John is a good friend of the band.

So, the storm hit, and I got worried. A few days went by and he wrote and said he was fine, and evacuated to Baton Rouge and is staying to volunteer.

Once I was able to stop worrying about John, I worried about everyone else. I can't say anything about this disaster, so I won't say anything. I have tried, but there is nothing that I can say.

Please, if you can donate time, money or supplies--do so. I don't have links for you, but they shouldn't be hard to find. Churches, schools, Word Nerdy--everyone has a way to help. Please do.



RIKK said...

Is he a giant?

stark pimp said...

that picture was taken by jim higdon whilst we were burying him alive in the tobacco field behind my house. it was a scary day.

Anonymous said...

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